5 Ways to Exercise with Your Pup

5 Ways to Exercise with Your Pup

Did you add a few pounds this winter? Feeling a big sluggish? Want to get back in shape? We know it can be tough to get motivated, but the good news is that dogs make the best training partners. Whatever shape or size, your dog will be ready to get up and head outside for some exercise and fresh air. Of course it’s always a good idea to check in with your veterinarian to make sure your best friend is ready for a strenuous workout. Once you and Fido are given a clean bill of health, grab your leash and get active!

Take a Hike

The great outdoors are calling, and nothing is better for the mind, body and spirit than a wilderness hike with your dog. Find a trail and fill a pack with snacks and water. Take it as fast or slow as you are prepared to move, and explore the beauty of nature as it emerges from a long winter.

Run for It

If you’ve spent the winter months mostly indoors, you and your friend could probably benefit from some cardio work. If you aren’t up to a run, a light jog or brisk walk are great options that will get your hearts beating with less wear and tear. Remember to take it easy at first, and have plenty of water on hand so you can both stay hydrated.

Go Jump in a Lake, or Ocean

Have you always wanted to learn to surf? Take you pup with you! If your dog enjoys the water, then why not try a surfing lesson, a paddle board session or just a plain old swimming day? Swimming is a great low impact workout, and of course a cool dip can be just the thing after a run in the sun.

Let’s Ride a Bike

If biking is your thing, you don’t have to exclude Fido. Take him for a ride! Biking with a dog can be tricky, so start slow and easy. Build up stamina, get your pup used to the bike, and always maintain a pace that allows him to keep up. When biking with your dog, it’s especially important to make sure you have the right gear, including a harness and a leash that won’t tangle.


Don’t yoga is a thing! More than a sport and great workout, this outdoor activity promotes inner peace and calm, and will strengthen the connection between you and your pet.

As always, make adventure possible with the right gear. Whatever activity you have in mind, check our website to find the right products to make your exercise safe and fun!

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