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Pets and Travel: How to Keep the Car Clean Along the Way

Pets and Travel: How to Keep the Car Clean Along the Way 0

Whether you're going out of town or are running to the store, bringing your beloved pet along can make the trip more exciting. Unfortunately, the fun of traveling doesn't negate the fact that pets are messy, especially in cars. While you can't teach your pup manners, you can take the necessary steps to keeping your car clean while they're in it.

Some of the best tips to help you with this include:

Pack a handheld vacuum

A handheld vacuum will remove excess hair, dirt, food, and allergens left behind by your pet. These are affordable, lightweight, and get into those small crevices to achieve a more effective clean.

Get out the window wipes

If you travel with a pet that slobbers or presses their nose against windows, you need window wipes. These will instantly wipe away all the mess so you can drive safely and they can see on the way back home. If you can't find window wipes, then bringing a roll of paper towels and spray bottle of natural window cleaner works as an alternative.

Cover the floors


Floor mats will protect the floors of your car from drool, wet paws, muddy paws, claws, potential accidents, and all the dirt that comes from pets. The best floor mats for cars carrying pets are those with durable rubber, thick liners, and grooves that will catch liquids.

Protect the seats

Stain-resistant and water-resistant fabric guard will help protect fabric seats as well as other areas of your interior from the stains that pets tend to so easily cause. If you have leather seats or want an alternative, then seat covers are excellent choices. There are some made specifically for pets, which are made to be more durable to withstand rough and tough animals.

Create a Cleanup Kit

For the quick cleanup of messes, a cleanup kit is worth carrying in your vehicle. In this kit, you should include paper towels, grocery bags, wet wipes, and a small towel. Pack this in a small box and keep in the trunk so it's out of the way.

Enjoying Travel with Your Furry Friends

Whether you're taking your dog, cat, hamsters, or even ferrets in the car, there's no reason it has to leave the interior a mess. With the tips above, you can enjoy a cleaner vehicle no matter how many animals you cart around. You might even find yourself eager to travel with your pets more often because your car is no longer left in shambles.