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5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Calm During Long Road Trips

5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Calm During Long Road Trips 0

Car anxiety is a real issue many pets face. For those long road trips, it's essential to help keep your pet calm as this will improve their level of enjoyment (and your own). Thankfully, you don't need to settle on using medication as there are plenty of other options available which not only are better for your pet but better on your wallet as well.

Get Your Pet Acclimated to the Car

One of the biggest reasons why your pet becomes nervous while riding in the car is because they are not used to it. So you can ease their stress by driving them around in the car. If you have a dog, consider driving out to the pet store or the park. If they mentally connect car rides with fun, it'll help (as it is right now the only time they are in the car may be to go to the vet, which is not fun).

Bathroom Stops

Try to stop every few hours for a bathroom pit stop. This lets your pet stretch their legs and get off a bit of energy, not to mention this is probably going to be important got you to do as well. This way, they feel good while in the car. If a pet feels good, they will enjoy themselves more.

Food and Water

Make sure to give your pet food and water. Dehydration is often a problem with long road trips. So whenever you stop, offer your pet some water. Take a travel dish and a jug of water with you. This way, they'll be able to drink up when you stop.

Bring Their Toys

What's a long road trip without some toys? Even if your pet doesn't play with the toys, these can provide a level of comfort. Their toys bring familiarity to the car ride. You may even want to give them one of your shirts or socks as your scent can be relaxing to them. You could also provide them with a blanket, for them to not get uncomfortable with your car seats and not skid around, so as not to add to the chaos of the whole ordeal.

Pet Safety Seat Belt

Just like you make sure you and other passengers put on their seatbelts, make sure to keep your pet safe while driving while utilizing a pet safety seat belt. Just like a person riding in the car, if they are not buckled in during an accident they can be seriously injured. According to Dickson, Kohan & Bablove, a car accident can bring your everyday life to a screeching halt, and that should definitely be a concern for the stress or injury it could cause your pet, among other issues. Play it safe and look into options to keep your pet safely restrained in your car. You can also consider a pet carrier for the smaller pets.

By following these five tips, your pet will enjoy the long road trip, not to mention it'll be more comfortable for you. So if you have a selected date for your road trip, make sure to start prepping with your pet now.