Common Households Threats Endangering Your Pet's Health

Whether you have dogs, cats, reptiles, or other animal babies, taking care of them and ensuring their safety is of vital importance. No matter if it is in your home, or you finally decided to have a pet friendly office, it is vital that you keep them safe.

Pest Control

If you have bugs or rodents infesting your home, you may have employed some pest control methods to eliminate them from your property. However, these methods could be fatal for your beloved pets. Researching methods that are safe for pets, and will keep them safe is vital. When you're hiring a company to take charge of pest control, you should let them know that you need methods that are safe for the animals living in your house.

Cleaning Supplies

Many common cleaning products are linked to allergies and other health threats. Using cleaning products that are animal-friendly can help to eliminate this problem. Still, though, you should make sure that your pets aren't getting near the cleaning products. For example, even if the cleaning materials are deemed safe for households with animals, this label doesn't mean that your pets should lick the substance or get it on their skin.

Garbage Cans

You might think that the only issue a garbage can could cause is a mess if the dogs or cats knock it over. However, think about all of the items that you throw out. After a chicken dinner, the garbage can likely have bones in it, which could become a choking hazard if your pets get into the food. To store your waste safely, you should keep the can in a locked cabinet, and do everything you can to pet proof your trash.

Drawers And Cabinets

If you have cats that like to climb on the counters, they might open up the drawers. A curious cat inside of a drawer might seem amusing to you, but you should consider what you keep in the drawers. If your cat gets into a drawer with sharp, or gets themselves stuck in a cabinet it could be a headache, or worse.


Some pets will chew on any items that are out in the open. Virtually all buildings have wires in them, but you need to make sure that your pets cannot get to these wires. A storage unit or a baby gate can keep pets away from the cables, which can present dangers associated with both choking and electrocution. Do your best to ensure your pets stay safe around electricity.

While you don't want to start feeling terrified every time that you leave your home, you need to take steps to make your house healthier for your pets. Doing so can provide you with peace of mind.

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